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Annual Meeting & Dues

The Ambria HOA will hold the 2023 Annual Meeting at the Mundelein Fire Department on Thursday 10/12/2023 at 7:00 PM. All homeowners are invited to attend the meeting. 


During this time, we will review the financial statements, discuss upcoming projects, and elect a new board. We welcome any Ambria homeowner who would like to join the board to voice their interest during the meeting. Being a board member does not require a tremendous amount of time. Meetings are typically held 6 times throughout the year and responsibilities for various activities are shared among board members. 

2023 Annual Meeting Presentation

Dues for 2024 have been set at $100.00 per home (no change from 2023). Please make your contribution to the HOA via our PayPal account and reduce the HOA's cost of mailing reminder notices! Pay my dues

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