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The Ambria Homeowners Association (AHOA) is a not-for-profit volunteer organization made up of homeowners living within the Fields of Ambria subdivision located in Mundelein, IL. Participants have voluntarily agreed to pay annual dues to help support the cost of maintaining and beautifying the common grounds within the subdivision. 

When the sub-division was originally developed, the builder did not establish an HOA to maintain the common areas. Consequently, some residents got together and established the “Ambria Homeowners Association” a non-profit entity, formally filed with the State of Illinois.  Because the AHOA was set up after the homes were sold, there is not a covenant on the individual property owner’s deeds that would make payment of the fees to the AHOA mandatory. All payments made by residents are therefore voluntary. Over the years the AHOA lost steam. Payments to the landscaper were past due, state filings were not renewed, financial statements were not being prepared and dues were not consistently collected. During 2016 the AHOA was revitalized by a new group of volunteers. Today, the Association is in good standing but there is more work to be done and grounds need to be continuously maintained. 

The AHOA is led by a volunteer board elected annually by participating homeowners and are guided by the By-Laws of the association. Current board members for the 2023-2024 year include: 

  • Robert (Bob) Carey, President

  • Geoff Cooper, Treasurer

  • Brenda Zehner, Secretary

  • Stacy Seeger, Director

  • Roy Seeger, Director

  • Karen Kucera, Director

  • Nidhi Rumpal, Director

  • Daniel Juarez, Director

WHAT WE DO (property map)

Maintain & Beautify

The primary purpose of the Ambria HOA is to maintain and beautify the common grounds belonging to the Fields of Ambria subdivision and accompanying easements. These include the grass parkway in front of the subdivision that runs north/south along Midlothian Road, the entryway monuments and gardens located at the intersection of Midlothian and Ambria Drive, and the grass parkway on the north side of Salceda Drive extending from Midlothian to Verde Lane.

The HOA does NOT own the fence and pillars in front of the subdivision along Midlothian Road nor does it own the gazebo and accompanying property located on Ambria Drive. The fence and pillars are owned by the individual homeowners.  The gazebo and property are owned by Mundelein Parks & Recreation. Likewise, the walkway connecting the subdivision to Community Park is owned by the Village of Mundelein.

View the Ambria HOA 2024 budget and our 2022 financials.

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