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The monuments at the entrance of Ambria are in need of repair/restoration. The long stretches of brickwork between the pillars should have been toped with capstone. Because this was not done by the builder, the brickwork has been subject to years of weathering. Snow, ice, rain, and sun have taken their toll on the exposed brickwork. If not repaired/restored in the near future, they will need to be removed before they fall down.


For planning purposes, the HOA Board obtained three quotes from contractors to complete the work (quote 1, quote 2 , quote 3). Ultimately, a decision will need to be made regarding repairing the monuments and retaining their current design or restoring them using a proper design that will extend their life for many, many years. At this point, the Board has simply made the decision that we need to create a reserve for whatever work is decide upon. 


Please note, the HOA is only responsible for the entrance monuments and not the fence or pillars that  run along Midlothian Road. Those structures belong to the private residences and those owners are responsible for their maintenance and repair.  

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